Weesh around the world only wait for you!

Turn around the world and find places or events where you can collect or buy Weesh to collect, send to your friends as a memory of a special moment.

Weesh is a bridge between real world and augmented reality


Geolocate to places of interest or events in your city to find out if you can pick up a Weesh.


Learn more about where you are and collect your Weesh!


Keep your Weesh in your personal collection or send it to your friends as a memory of a wonderful trip.

Geolocate in places or events around the world

Every time you are in your city, away or around the world, check for a Weesh near you. Weesh are virtual objects placed around the world near monuments or during a specific event, such as in the stadium during a football match.

Choose the Weesh you most like and pick it up

Once you find the monument or event where a Weesh is present, you can select it to find out what Weesh hides. There are Common and Rare Weeshs, but if you want something special you have to look for the Epic! Move close the Weesh, collect one, and use Weesh in Augmented Reality.

Send you Weesh to anyone you want or keep it to yourself

You can place a magnet on your virtual fridge or pick up a t-shirt of your favorite athlete or of a place.

Discover the world behind a Weesh

Every wish will carry a lot of information, like a chronology of their owners. A Weesh gadget may also include multimedial contents connected to brands and celebrities. For example if you are attending a NBA match, you could pick up a Weesh gadget of Lebron James: you take his sneakers and put them in your personal collection! The sneakers could be used from the basketball player’s marketing staff to send to fans and followers exclusive interviews, news about the celebrity, rare pictures, promotional messages and much more.

What is a Weesh?

Un Weesh è un’oggetto virtuale che racchiude in se un personaggio, una storia e altri contenuti interessanti!
Potrai raccoglierlo, collezionarlo o inviarlo a chi vuoi.


Every Weesh is associated with a famous or historical character, present or past.


You will not only find his name but also his story, so you can better know the places or events that follow.


Some Weesh have special and unedited content, such as a backstage video of your favorite singer.


There are 3 types of Weesh: Common, usually Free; Rare, special objects; and Epic, which will surprise you.


Every Weesh could be guarded a collector. If you have a lot of Weesh, you may see also a lot of wallets!


You will send the Weesh to whomever you want but in its soul will remain your track.You can see all the owners of every Weesh.

Every Weesh is unique!

For this reason, giving it to your friend, from that moment onwards, the Weesh will belong exclusively to him.

Look for Weesh in Your City!
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